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[MOD][addon.d] Silent Camera

This mod gets rid of the camera's shutter and video start/stop sounds. There are many easy ways to accomplish this, but the big advantage of this mod is it includes an addon.d script.

What is addon.d?
On some ROMs, like Cyanogenmod, there are scripts in /system/addon.d that run during a ROM update or flash. They can backup and restore system apps (like Gapps), or perform many other functions. This mod includes an addon.d script, so the mod is not lost during a ROM update! If your ROM doesn't support addon.d, this mod should still flash properly, but you won't benefit from addon.d.

Tested and Confirmed to work on:
I'm not even going to bother listing ROMs it works on, as this is such a simple mod, it should work on any AOSP based Android 4+ ROM, for virtually any device. Let us know if it works!

Install Instructions:
- Boot into recovery
- Flash Enable zip
- Reboot

Uninstall Instructions:
- Boot into recovery
- Flash Disable zip
- Reboot

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