Android media apps 2014 - iHack edition -


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Δευτέρα, 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Android media apps 2014 - iHack edition

Ο vlc για android ωρίμασε, υποστηρίζει hardware acceleration, παίζει όλα τα αρχεία, είναι open source και το σημαντικότερο θυμάται (πλέον) το σημείο που άφησες το βίντεο.

O poweramp είναι μακράν ο καλύτερος audio player στο android. Ο ήχος είναι μαγικός, υποστηρίζει όλα τα γνωστά φορμάτ, έχει playback από φάκελο και όμορφα widgets. Είναι paid, αλλά τα αξίζει τα λεφτά του.

Το popcorn είναι ένας bittorrent client/media player για linux, windows, osx, android και ios, που σου κάνεις stream όλες τις τελευταίες ταινίες (και όχι μόνο) κατευθείαν στην οθόνη σου. Με υπότιτλους και όλα. Τι άλλο θες...

Ο καλύτερος player και downloader για το youtube ever.

Τι είναι το Viper;

FX Key Features
Enjoy near HIFI sound on your headphones. *Not all models supported*

★ Spectrum Extension ★
Make your music sound lossless with enhanced high frequencies.

★ x86 Platform Support ★
Viper4Android supports x86 (Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) platforms.

★ USB/Dock effect Support ★
ViPER4Android supports USB/Dock audio output.

★ Speaker Optimization ★
First effect for speakers. Try it yourself.

★ Channel Pan ★
Controls left/right channel output. Its not very useful unless your headphone is imbalance or faulty one side. It will be a cure for you.

★ Differential Surround / Haas Effect ★
This is an old feature which ViPER520 had removed from FX in early days.
But after many users requesting it, ViPER520 bring it back to FX
More info on Haas Effect:

★ ViPER Fidelity Control ★
★ ViPER Bass ★
With different bass modes, you can have greater bass experience than before!
★ ViPER Clarity ★
With the latest Clarity mode selection, you can balance up heavy bass with high clarity audio that you can never imagine before!

★ Headphone Surround+ (VHS+) ★
With this VHS+, V4A made its way to achieve great surround technologies for Android.

★ Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+) ★
With normal audio system, listening for more than three hours will feel fatigue, dizzy, tinnitus, irritated and other symptoms.
This is a normal reaction, heavy bass and high volume could cause permanent damage to the human auditory system, but other phenomena can restore through resting.
Viper as a listening experience professional will not ignore this problem. Therefore put a lot of effort to study how to make a "Healing" sound technology, just a small success. But thinking on how to let users experience it.

★ Convolver ★
When an Impulse Response Sample(IRS) is loaded, V4A will process the sound to show the same characteristics of the loaded sample. Through Convolution, samples with effects such as equalizer, surround, reverberation, tube etc can be loaded.
Download and extract IRS files to <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/<paste files here>

★ FX Compatible Mode (Only in 4.x) ★
Compatible Mode supports large variety of music players and the players' own EQ/sound effects (system-provided/third party)
Therefore, you don't have to select V4A in Sound Settings > Music Effects, choose anything other than V4A. Just run V4A app and the effects will be working with anything else.

1. In option, switch to Compatible Mode. Reboot, done.
2. In Sound Settings > Music Effects, choose other than V4A.
3. Run V4A app and configure the settings then the effects will work together with the one you chose in Sound Settings.

Ακολουθούν αυτές οι τρεις εφαρμογές κατευθείαν copy/paste από το site τους.

TinyShark - 3.1.9

Recent Updates
  • Fixed connection issue
Listen to Grooveshark on your Android device for FREE.
  • Search the Grooveshark database
  • Import Grooveshark playlists
  • Play individual songs or an entire playlist
  • Cache songs for offline playback

TinyShark Downloader - 0.9.2

Recent Updates
  • Fixed connection issue
Download songs from Grooveshark to play in your favorite media player. Download songs from Grooveshark onto your device to play in your favorite media player. Queue up songs and download them as fast as your connection allows.

TinyTunes - 1.5

Recent Updates
  • Added lock screen controls
  • Fixes for hardware media buttons
  • Added submit button to search menu
  • Removed under performing search engine
  • Added a new search engine
  • Removed custom styles for older devices
  • Bug fixes
Search for and download or stream millions of songs from around the internet.
  • Search multiple sources simultaneously for MP3s
  • Configure which search engines are used
  • Search top songs/albums/artists in multiple genres
  • Stream songs directly
  • Download all available songs
  • Build playlists
  • Manage your Android music library
  • Queue and listen to your music
  • Start searches directly from Shazam or SoundHound

Καλή διασκέδαση :)

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